What is a Pigment?

A pigment is a crystallized chemical compound whose most important property is to give color and tone, characteristic of each, plus the following features:


• Reflect or absorb light in an outstanding way.

• Its presence dominates among other materials.

• It is generally an insoluble solid, made of tiny particles that give color by dispersion to the vehicle in which they are mixed.

• They can be obtained from nature or by chemical reaction. (Synthetics).

Classification of pigments and uses

They are divided into two groups: Organic, which are sensitive to weather (COLOR FOR CEMENT) but their variety can provide beauty to interiors (blue and green) and inorganic applications: Their main quality is their environmental resistance ( SYNTHETIC IRON OXIDES).


The inorganic iron oxide pigments and cement colors of Demoxi have many applications in various fields such as building materials, plastics, asphalt, rubber, paints, glass, paper, tiles and ceramic tiles, etc.

Hydrolysis in the presence of metallic iron and air. Penniman-Zoph process

During 1920 and 1921 Penniman and Zoph published the first synthetic process for producing yellow iron oxide, this consists in the precipitation of ferrous hydroxide from a solution of iron salts (II) and an alkaline agent and its subsequent oxidation to hydrated ferric oxide, then the suspension is filtered and dried. Similar to the method of aniline, the red color is obtained by calcination of yellow iron oxide at 700-800 ° C.

In 1960 a modification to the Penniman-Zoph process was published by John Martin, which consists of the use of a weak alkaline agent for the neutralization of the iron salt and the removal of tinplate during the oxidation of iron (II) to iron (III).


  • Excellent coloring power.
  • Weather resistance.
  • Thermal stability.
  • Easy dispersion.
  • Acid or alkali resistance.
  • No toxic.
  • From 3 to 5% relative to cement content.


  • Sober and decorative finishes.
  • They require no maintenance. (Labor, sealants or additional paintings).
  • They are economical.
  • The basic colors allow to obtain a wide range of mixtures.
  • Very durable.

Welcome to Demoxi

A 100% Mexican company, leader in the manufacture of iron oxide pigments and colors for cement under the GEOCOLOR mark, located in the center of the country; in the #312 de la carretera Los Reyes-Zumpango, Edo. de México.
At the beginning, our product lines were designed according to the industrial requirements for the domestic market, but from 1990 they were readapted accordingly to also meet the demands and specifications of the most demanding international clients.

Day to day we have been implementing new processes, higher quality and a diverse range of colors, with the sole purpose to adjust our production to the ever changing market needs.

The pigments and colors for cement of the "GEOCOLOR" mark that we manufacture, are made with organic and inorganic pigments of high purity for their use in cement mixtures (pastes, mortars) and precast concrete and block, paving stones, facades, tiles, sidewalks, pavers, prints and ceramic floors, all kinds of paints, enamels, etc ...

From these pigments emerges a wide range of shades that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Demoxi has specialized equipment for creating mixtures according to the formulations that the application requires. In both cases, the presentation is from 1 kg paper bags. and / or to pallets with 40 bags each.

Our prices are the lowest in the market, because we have the advantage of being the only manufacturers at the national level, ranging up to 20% less than our competitors. In addition this allows us to keep our prices stable in Mexican pesos for long periods of time, up to one year regardless of the parity of the US dollar.